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The two big issues in Ag

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By Dwain Duxson


Issue No 1.

I reckon succession is the single biggest issue in Agriculture right now.

If not addressed properly, it can drive Families apart and perfectly good Farms into the ground.

I attended a Farmers conference on the Sunshine Coast last week and spoke to many struggling with their succession planning.

Dealing with the subject of succession is all about leadership. Who is going to lead the change? Someone within the Farming unit has to. It's the only way it's going to get done.

It's a hard subject to bring up, and there are a lot of emotions involved.

If you are reading this and you know, in your mind, something has to be done, then please make an effort to start the conversation and bring the subject to the table.

Then if you manage to get to the point where all stakeholders are happy to have a discussion, make sure you engage one or even two people to help you facilitate that first meeting. Preferably some professional help.
It will be an emotional time, and these people will prize out the answers from all the stakeholders involved. Without them, it will be difficult but not impossible.

I managed to sort my succession from the Farm with the Family a few years ago after working there for 15 years. I am one of the lucky ones, and we still get along.

And now that Land and Asset values are getting larger, more are wanting a piece of the action. I am hearing this all the time.

I have seen it wreck many once close Farming families.

I even know families that have left it very late (brothers say around 70 years old). They manage to sort something out, and then, straight away, they have to go through it all again as the next generation want some clarity. At least it's done.

It's a tough subject, I know, and it's easy to sweep under the carpet. But we can't keep doing it like that.

Be bold.

We will address the second biggest issue next week.

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