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The PAC update with Ellen Garland

For all Farm Inputs, reoccurring products, and New Equipment, check out the PAC (Prime Ag Centre) page here or call Ellen on 0418 137 224.

This week we have seen large parcels of Single Super sell for March/April 2022 delivery. We also had access to a small amount of DAP and MAP, which was snapped up fast.

Are you looking for Fertiliser? Do you wait for the Fert to be listed on the website before enquiring? We are searching daily for any fertiliser that is available. We are chasing pricing for delivery out of all ports. If you are planning, we highly recommend that you get in touch to let us know what it is you need. This way, it reduces the risk of missing out when supply and pricing do become available. We will keep you up to date.

It is still anticipated that MAP pricing will be provided in mid-December. As mentioned above, now is the time to let us know what you will require.

We currently have Single Super and Urea available for collection now out of Geelong, Brisbane and Newcastle and DAP available for collection early next year and a small amount of SOA available for collection now.

Go to the PAC page here.

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