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The PAC update with Ellen Garland

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This week the conversations continued to be around Fertiliser and Chemical pricing and supply. With limited Fertiliser on offer and Chemicals not arriving until January, it has been challenging to determine what quantities will be available and the price.

Over the past few months, MAP and DAP have been on a par price-wise. With a small amount of DAP currently available @ $1295.00 + GST per tonne, it would be a calculated guess that MAP will be north of that by the time forward contracting is expected to be available by the end of this year.

It was first thought the Urea price spike a few weeks ago would be short term pain, but it is now predicted to last right through Cropping and not ease off until Winter.

Urea has increased another $25 per tonne in the last week, now $1230 per tonne + GST. (See what we have available here).

We have a few single super options available. See the links here and here.

Glyphosates are in low supply, with shipments not due to arrive until early next year. If you are looking to forward order your Chemical for next year, please get in touch to discuss. We are looking at new options to secure Chemical at delivered on farm prices.

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This was an interesting article on how the Fertilise prices rises affect the bottom line.