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The PAC update with Ellen Garland

For all Farm Inputs, reoccurring products, and New Equipment, check out the PAC (Prime Ag Centre) page here or call Ellen on 0418 137 224.

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This week it was announced that all imports to Australia from Russia and Belarus would incur a 35% Tariff as of the 25th April. This will affect the price of Potash as this is the main source of supply. It is unclear what further pressure this will have on the price and supply of all imported Fertilisers.

SoP is currently $1605.00 per tonne and MoP $1270 per tonne.

A small quantity of DAP has now been released for new contracts. This is now being quoted at $1450 per tonne.

Urea has come back in price by about $20.00 per tonne. Now at about $1620 per tonne.

See some of the PAC listings below, including PAC’s listing of the week, Glyphosate 450 at a special price of $9.70 per litre.