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The PAC update with Ellen Garland

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This week we launched the new product "Load Looper", to be sold exclusively through Farm Tender PAC.

If you've ever wondered how you could make throwing the rachet straps easier, this product is for you.

Load Looper was invented by Farmers Ian and Andrea Hamilton, who Farm at Tatyoon in Western Victoria.

Load Looper is a weighted device that attaches to a loading strap to carry the strap over the highest legal loads and simplify the loading process.

Suitable for any directional strap throwing, including use for Hay freight, general freight, freight companies (including with tautliners) and Farm cartage.

The Load Looper dramatically reduces load securing times.

It is stored and transportable in a purpose-made zinc-coated carrier that mounts to the truck rail for easy access when loading.

Load Looper is Easy, Fast and Safe.

Features of the Load Looper include a recessed latch to minimise damage on impact, especially advantageous in adverse conditions, No edges to catch on your load, suited to 3-tonne straps, Easier on your shoulders, minimises strap twisting, strategically weighted, durable and simple to use.

Click on the link here to see how the Load Looper works and how you can buy yours today.