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The PAC update with Ellen Garland

For all Farm Inputs, reoccurring products, and New Equipment, check out the PAC (Prime Ag Centre) page here or call Ellen on 0418 137 224.

Are you new to Farm Tender? Have you had a moment to take a look at the Prime Ag Centre (PAC)?

The PAC is a separate division and is your one-stop shop for all Farm Inputs, New Machinery and Equipment.

The PAC works a little bit different to our Farm Tender listings. Many members are surprised to hear from me (Ellen) when enquiring about a PAC listing. They expect to hear from another member.

The PAC listings are meshed in with the Farm Tender listings, but you can also go to the PAC tab to see PAC listings only.

The PAC has access to competitively priced Fertiliser and Chemical, we offer a weekly fertiliser price update text that provides real-time prices and what we have available.

Each week we have our Top 5 offers on our Facebook page. Follow us here.

One of our top sellers for 2021 was the Munro Post Driver. With a range of options available, we do our best to provide a packaged deal at the best price available.

Is there something that you need that we don't have listed? Please let me know. I will source it for you and provide a quote.

See here our Top Fert listing for this week.

As mentioned above, don't forget to subscribe to our Weekly Fert Update by texting "Please include me" to 0418 137 224.