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The PAC update with Ellen Garland

For all Farm Inputs, reoccurring products, and New Equipment, check out the PAC (Prime Ag Centre) page here or call Ellen on 0418 137 224.

This week a number of the conversations have again been around Fertiliser, but mainly the availability. Many customers are anxious that they will lock in the contract, and when they go book to collect it, it won't be available.

After speaking with many suppliers, they have assured me that locked in time frames will be met.

Someone mentioned that some of the MAP will be manufactured in Australia. It is unknown what percentage, but it will help reduce shipping delays and availability.

If you are holding off booking in your Fertiliser requirements, please give us a call to discuss.

See what Fertiliser we have available here.

Winner! Winner!
Congratulations to Adelaide Smith on winning the Aussie Dog Kennel for our Aussie Working Dog Competition on Facebook (See photo above). Thank you to everyone for entering our competition, it was great to see all the gorgeous dogs and their often weird sleeping spots/positions!!

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