Farm Tender

The PAC update with Ellen Garland

For all Farm Inputs, reoccurring products, and New Equipment, check out the PAC (Prime Ag Centre) page here or call Ellen on 0418 137 224.

Fertiliser is still the hot topic of conversation. Talking with suppliers, they have advised that if you haven't booked your fertiliser for Jan-April next year, now is the time to secure it. MAP & DAP is sitting at around the $1465-$1495 per mt. Urea is currently at $1425 per mt, and SOA has gone up more than $150.00 per mt to $820.00.

See what we have available here. If it’s not what you are looking for, please call for a quote.

Sheds, Sheds, Sheds.

Have you been thinking about purchasing a Hay Shed?

We have access to new ex-stock Hay Sheds for 2021 Delivery. If you would like to secure one of the last stock Entegra sheds before the end of Harvest, let me know. Each Shed is pre-engineered for region A, open to the east and available for delivery within 3 weeks (VIC, SA, NSW). *Installation bookings required, separately. See below.

1000 series Entegra Hay Sheds - 1000 8x4x3 Bales

1700 series Entegra Hay Sheds - 1700 8x4x3 Bales

2500 series Entegra Hay Sheds - 2500 8x4x3 Bales

2800 series Entegra Hay Sheds - 2800 8x4x3 Bales

Facebook Competition.

Our Facebook competition closed yesterday. We will announce the winner over the next few days. Click the link here to take a look at all of our fantastic entries, it will be very hard to choose a winner.