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The PAC update with Ellen Garland

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Last week we mentioned that we have liquid fertiliser options for a Urea alternative that have a nitrogen component. But are you set up to store the liquid fertiliser?

It is no secret that Urea pricing is at a record high for some time (I think I've said the word "Urea" and "the price has gone up again" about 100 times a day for the last month). In the last couple of weeks, we have had customers purchase Fertigation Tanks with Ventouri Fitout to dilute the Urea and effectively mixing with the recirculation pump. They have matched this with a Liquid Fertiliser Tank for easy storage. This is an economical way to get set up for using Liquid Fertiliser.

With the price of the hire or purchase of an IBC being between $150-$285, installing a fertiliser tank not only reduces the cost of the IBC but when buying in bulk reduces the price of the product and the freight.

If you would like to explore these options more, please get in touch.