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The infinite game

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Many of us relate things back to sport, and in sport, we always celebrate the wins.

We don't do it as much in Farming, it's not seen as the done thing, and Farming is a little more personal, and it's confined to a much smaller group, usually a family. In Farming, it's more about small wins. They are stitched together over a long period of time, and eventually, they turn into something decent.

The game of Farming is ongoing, unlike a sporting game, which has a final siren, or whistle, it's finite, it has rules and boundaries, and an end.

Farming is infinite, it has no end. One season leads into another, and outcomes are dependant on what happened previously.

That's why it's addictive for many. It's an ongoing game, that's why people spend a lifetime in Farming, working on things to get a better outcome. It's so much more rewarding than an office or factory job.

That's why so many people from outside Farming want to get in.

They have all heard the stories, both good and bad, but they want to try it themselves.

So the challenges for Farmers are still there, always will be. But the game goes on, and we get a little bit better at it as we keep at it, and keep practising. Those small wins come along more often. It's now exciting.

Keep playing...


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