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The Farm Tender Hay Report - Darkish Coloured Hay and Plenty of Regrowth

Darkish Coloured Hay and Plenty of Regrowth.

For the fortnight up to the 4th of November 2020.

I went for a drive up through the Mallee over the weekend and saw lots of darkish coloured Hay and plenty of regrowth. There was some Header activity with many just grabbing a sample, and there was some desiccating of Lentils happening also. So it will be on in earnest very soon.

We noticed plenty of new Sheds on Farms in the Mallee region.

It's fair to say that the skills it takes to make quality Hay are being thoroughly tested. Curing Hay is proving difficult due to the wet conditions and the bulky windrows.

Some Farmers are saying they will focus more on the Grain side of things once it's all ready to go. I guess that means that Grain will take priority over any Hay.

Our Farm Tender sales guys and getting plenty of questions about where the Hay job is at. See below some of their comments.

Feed tests are starting to roll in, and the weather damaged Vetch Hay is showing higher NDF, Lower Protein and ME as expected. Buyers are shifting there focus to the better quality old season Vetch Hay that is shedded. They are indicating they will now pay a premium for it.

Wingara Ag Limited reports that "Cereal Hay in the Wimmera region is yielding 8-10/mt (to the HA) and Vetch is going 3.5/mt and up. Vetch in the Mallee is varied but yielding approximately 2-3.5/mt. Growers are wisely moving excess Hay to storage in anticipation of future demand."

In WA, Wingara Ag Limited reports that "South West WA has overcome challenging conditions around baling time to finish the reason in good stead. Crops have yielded from 4-9/mt, with premium-quality export Hay making $270-$290/mt on-farm, and $200-$250/mt for downgraded Hay. Growers in the Margaret River area continue to make Pasture Hay."

What's happened to Hay prices over the last fortnight?

All Hay prices have stayed stable. There will be price divisions related to quality. 

Old season Cereal Hay prices are in and around $150/mt. 

Vetch Hay prices are sitting around the $200/mt mark, but we believe that prices will take some shape in a few different directions over the next month. By then buyers will decide if they want to try the lesser quality weather damaged Hay at the discounted rates. Dairy Farmers are chasing the best testing Hay for milking. 

We are starting to see some Straw being baled for the Feedlot Market throughout Southern Queensland and Northern NSW. 

We go around the grounds to see what our Farm Tender Sales people have to say:

Paul Grayling - Mallee Vic based

Paul said - We are starting to see some feed tests come in that have been affected by the weather. A common theme is a high NDF which might drop the price of the Hay, We have customers actively searching for old season Vetch Hay, and I believe this particular line will command and extra $20-$30/mt due to the better quality from last year. Oaten Hay will be another line that will feel the brunt of the weather. The only test I have seen is reading as rather average, with low protein and energy and a very high NDF. Pricing isn't doing anything to write home about, and I think it would be safe to say that this is a buyers year.

Shane Ruyg - Queensland based

Shane said - Another unsettling fortnight for the Hay sellers with more rain and stressful times trying to get Hay in a bale. Word on the street from the Mallee down to the Wimmera is there is a lot of weather damaged Hay. It's going to be a tough year for the buyers who want the perfect feed test! 

Demand is still very low, and as I said in the last report that old season Hay will become popular again! 

Mike Pickard - Darling Downs based

Mike said - There has been some interest from Farmers and Graziers in Queensland to stock up sheds for on-hand supplies for weaning Cattle throughout the year while prices are reasonable.

Feedlots are starting to source Straw and Hay for the next period; they have asked several large Hay suppliers to quote for their ongoing Hay requirements

There is interest in Shedded Hay leftover from last year, especially where the quality is pretty good and it has a feed test

Jackie Elliott - South West Vic based

Jackie said - With the unpredictable weather down south, I have some livestock producers that would usually bale their own Hay, they are now looking at options to outsource quality Fodder.

Last week in SA we had a new seller list a handy parcel of Vetch, they sold in less than 48 hours. A great result. So when listing Hay, it's essential to include a feed test and the correct information needed to help the buyer make a decision.

Dwain Duxson - Farm Tender & DelayPay

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Shane Ruyg – 0447 922 604 or [email protected]

Mike Pickard – 0429 677 636 or [email protected]

Jackie Elliott - 0400 808 550 or [email protected]

Or 1300 Farming (1300 327 646)

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