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Supporting the Nhill and District Sporting Club charity Auction

The Nhill and District Sporting Club, in collaboration with Ahrens, has a brand new 32 tonne Field Bin available via Auction. Built locally at Tarranyurk, Ahrens Field Bins are second to none. Ahrens is committed to having a positive and meaningful impact on the communities in which they operate, and their continued support of the Nhill Tigers is greatly appreciated.

The Auction finishes on the 6th of August at 6 pm.

See the link to the Auction here. No fees apply. Farm Tender has waived all fees on this item.

How to bid:

There is a quick process involved in getting you ready for bidding. Please read the instructions below once you have clicked on the link. For any help or information, ring Jim on 0481 102 288 or Emma on 0411 560 458.


To register as a first-time bidder go to;

Go to the Auction here, then click on CREATE ONLINE BIDDING ACCOUNT and fill in the required details on the form.

Once all fields are completed, accept the Terms and Conditions and click CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT.



*Time Zone* - Don’t forget to select the correct time zone for your area.

*Email Address Already Registered?* - if you get a message to say the email address is already registered, this means you are already in the system and ready to go. All you will need to do is reset your password to the Auction system, to do this, click on;

LOGIN and; 


Handy Hint – Use the same password as your Farm Tender Account to make things easier for you.