Farm Tender

Stronger market for both Sheep and Lambs at Ballarat

Yarding - 22,321 (-1042).
Lambs - 17,617 (-379).
Sheep - 4704 (-1421).

17,600 lambs were yarded and the quality was plain to excellent. All the usual buying group were in attendance and operating fully to see another very strong market with heavy lambs selling up to $10 dearer to reach $315 and the trade weight sold up to $15/head dearer.

Lambs back to paddock sold from $120 to $188/head. Light lambs suiting MK orders sold from $130 to $186/head. Trade lambs, 18 to 22kg, sold from $166 to $208/head, averaging around 910c/kg cwt. Lambs, 22 to 24kg, sold from $200 to $225/head to average around 908c/kg cwt. 4 score lambs, 24 to 26kg, sold from $218 to $248/head to average around 907c/kg cwt. Heavy 26 to 30kg lambs sold from $230 to $260 and over 30kg lambs sold from $244 to $315/head. Merino lambs over 18kg sold from $158 to $226 and Merino hoggets sold from $124 to $204/head.

There was a sheep yarding of 4,700. The quality was plain to good and all the usual buying group attended with another strong market to be $5 to $10/head dearer and more in places. Light weight 1 score sheep sold from $88 to $140/head. Medium weight sheep sold from $122 to $180/head. Heavy sheep, 24 to 30kg, sold from $176 to $240 and over 30kg sold from $220 to $259/head. Heavy Merino ewes averaged760c and heavy crossbred ewes averaged 710c/kg cwt. Heavy Merino wethers sold from $200 to $235 and medium weights sold from $120 to $195/head to average 700c/kg cwt. Rams sold to $125/head.