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Stronger Lamb market at Horsham

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
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  • May 27, 2020
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Yarding - 7564 (+2165).
Lambs - 5631 (+963).
Sheep - 1933 (-+1202).

An increase in lamb numbers saw 5,631 yarded at Horsham this week. Quality remains very good, with plenty of heavier weight lambs on offer. The regular buying group were in attendance and operating in a stronger market, with lambs selling $10 to $12/head up on last week and more in places. Extra heavy lambs reached $271, with the medium and heavy trade weights selling from $200 to $230/head. Merino lambs sold from $203 to $230, with light and medium weights selling from $158 to $185/head. There were more sheep penned this week along with more buyer interest. Sheep also sold to stronger competition to be dearer, with heavy crossbred ewes selling to $250, Merino ewes selling to $240 and Merino wethers selling to $223/head.

Light weight 2 score lambs, 12 to 18 kg, sold from $142 to $169/head. Light trade 2 to 3 score lambs, 18 to 22 kg, sold from $168 to$202/head and averaged around 900c/kg cwt. Medium trade weight lambs 22 to 24kg, sold from $200 to $224/head and made from 860c to925c to average around 895c/kg cwt. Heavy 3 to 4 score trade weight lambs, 24 to 26kg, sold from $213 to $230/head at around 875c/kg cwt. Export weight lambs sold from $227 to $243, with the extra heavy weights selling from $241 to $271/head. Heavier Merino lambs sold from $203 to $230/head to average around 790c/kg cwt. Light and medium weights sold from $160 to $204/head.

Light weight sheep sold from $92 to $100/head. Medium weight 2 to 3 score sheep sold from $115 to $176/head and made from 605c to 730c, with the Merino mutton averaging around 650c to 675c/kg cwt. Heavy Merino ewes sold from $173 to $240 and heavy Merino wethers sold from $156 to $223/head, to average from 700c to 730c/kg cwt. Heavy crossbred sheep sold from $148 to $250/head, and rams sold from $40 to $140/head.