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Strong market at Wagga Wagga this week

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
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  • May 28, 2020
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Yarding - 35,000 (+5000).
Lambs - 28,000 (+6000).
Sheep - 7000 (-1000).

Numbers were moderately higher. Agents offered another stellar run of heavy and extra export lambs, with the bulk of the offering weighing in excess of 30/kg carcass weight. There were limited numbers of trade lambs in each agent run along with limited supplies of light weight young lambs. The usual buying group were at the rail and all were operating fully.

The lack of genuine trade weight lambs meant buyers paid a premium for lambs, 22-24kg, wearing a short pelt. Woolly trade lambs were overlooked by major buyers or discounted. Heavy trade lambs gained $3 to $4/head averaging 911c/kg cwt. Other trade weights, 20-22kg, eased a few dollars which was caused by the woolly portion of the market.

Heavy young lambs benefited from strong domestic processor competition due impart to the lack of trade lamb supplies. Prices lifted $6/headto average 862c/kg cwt. Extra heavy lambs were outstanding with most supplementary fed. Lambs weighing over 30kg cwt ignited the bidding with a northern processor dominating the market for the heaviest pens weighing 36kg to 44kg. Prices made from $230 to $322/head,averaging 767c/kg cwt.

It was another noteworthy yarding of mutton, with only limited supplies of plainer sheep offered. Most of the usual buying group were in attendance however a single major northern processor dominated the market overall categories, except for the lighter weight. Heavy crossbred ewe mutton sold to stronger demand which resulted in a dearer trend of $14/head. Heavy crossbred ewes sold up to $291/head, averaging 721c/kg cwt. Heavy Merino ewes made from $162 to $240/head averaging 681c to 717c/kg cwt. Trade and light sheep sold from$150 to $172/head with trade mutton averaging 666c/kg cwt