Farm Tender

Softer market across the yarding at Ballarat

Yarding - 33,390 (-877)
Lambs - 25,708 (-167)
Sheep - 7682 (-710)

Agents penned 25,708 Lambs. The quality was plain to excellent, all lambs that presented with good fat cover are coming off supplementary feed. Most of the usual buying group attended, but not all operated fully as bidding was erratic at times. Demand for the very neat short skinned trade weight lambs was still high and held mostly firm in an overall easier market across all categories. Light lambs to the processes sold $10 to $15 softer, not the quality offered to previous weeks. Light trade weight lambs sold $5/head cheaper, medium trade weights sold firm to $5/head easier and heavy trade sold $5 to $10 back on last week’s high levels. Heavy export and extra heavy lambs sold from $230 to$280 to be $5 to $10/head softer in places, but not the weight of last week's yarding. Merino lambs sold from $60 to $178/head.

Sheep numbers slightly decreased to 7,682, the quality was plain to good, most of the usual buying group were present in a mostly firm to $3/head softer market across the yarding. Merino wethers sold from $110 to $247/head. Heavy Merino ewes made from $139 to $247 and crossbred ewes reached $244/head. Merino rams sold to $170 and Crossbred’s to $140/head.

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