Farm Tender

Slightly dearer Sheep market at Ballarat

Yarding - 36,761 (+3331)
Lambs - 27,034 (+1326)
Sheep - 9687 (+2005)

Agents penned 27,000 head, quality ranging from plain to excellent. All finished lambs with good fat cover are presenting off feed, there was plenty of weight offered in the heavy and extra heavy export lamb categories. Most of the usual buying group attended, but not all actively bidding in a market that flipped either side of the firm throughout the sale. Bidding was still strong for the short skinned lambs with good finish, reaching up to 870c/kg cwt in places. Light trade lambs sold mostly firm to a few dollars softer, medium and heavy trade firm to $5 dearer.

Heavy and extra heavy export lambs sold fully firm to a top of $278/head. Feeders and restockers not as active this week with not the orders or buyers present, with store lambs back to the paddock selling to $8 cheaper. Lambs under 18kg sold from $78 to $146 and over 18kg cwt$168 to $180/head. Very light 1 and 2 score lambs to the processor to suit MK orders sold from $96 to $166 to be $5/head softer.

Lambs to the trade 18 to 22kg sold from $153 to $200, 22 to 24kg, made from $182 to $208/head with an average range of 810c to 830c/kg cwt. Lambs 24 to 26kg selling from $198 to $222/head, to average 830c/kg cwt. Export 4 score 26 to 30kg lambs, sold from $214 to $238and over 30kg sold from $228 to $278/head, to average of 720c to 785c/kg cwt . Merino lambs sold from $113 to $199/head.

Sheep numbers increased to 9,600 head. The quality was plain to very good, not all buyers were active in a mostly firm to slightly dearer market to last week’s levels. Heavy Merino wethers made from $173 to $217 to range from 680c to 700c/kg cwt, with the lighter weights sold from $131 to $186/head. Heavy Merino ewes sold from $173 to $211 to average 650c to 665c and heavy crossbred ewes made $165 to$245/head averaging 625c/kg cwt. Rams sold to $166 for Merino’s and crossbred rams sold to $75/head.

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