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Signs new season Lamb prices may have bottomed out at Wagga Wagga

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
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  • Aug 21, 2020
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Yarding - 34,700 (-3100).
Lambs - 28,000 (-4000).
Sheep - 6700 (+900).

Lamb supplies were marginally higher while new season lamb numbers dipped slightly to 11,650. Quality was excellent overall for trade and heavy lamb categories, with most lambs grain assisted, finished off crop or exceptional new season lambs the bulk weighing above 21kg carcase weight. Heavy and extra heavy lamb numbers were similar with plenty of lambs weighing in excess of 30kg carcase weight. An almost full field of buyers were in attendance however not all operated fully.

Domestic new season lamb prices crumpled further this week, though there were signs the heavy portion may have bottomed out. New season lambs 21 to 22kg eased $9 to $12, making from $134 to $151/head. Heavy new season lambs 26kg cwt and over eased $2 making from $152 SiSignto $180/head to average 579c/kg cwt. Prices for old trade lambs bounced around with buyers not wanting to compete much, which resulted in some pens being knocked down in single bids. Medium and heavy trade lambs 21 to 24kg sold from $116 to $135/head, averaging 564c/kg cwt. Merino trade lambs sold to a big group of buyers and all categories sold to weaker demand to average 516c to 558c/kg cwt. Lambs returning to the paddock were in short supply making from $84 to $126/head.

Despite most export processors at the rail competition lacking, heavy and extra heavy lambs eased $5 to $8/head. Lambs 26 to 30kg sold from$140 to $166/head to average 530c/kg cwt. Lambs weighing above 30kg cwt sold from $156 to $196/head.

It was a very mixed quality yarding of mutton with heavy sheep in shorter supply. Heavy ewes sold to strong demand lifting $9 to $17/head to average from 449c to 502c/kg cwt. Trade sheep were reasonable in numbers averaging 495c/kg cwt