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Sheep sold to dearer rates at Bendigo

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  • Jun 01, 2020
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Yarding - 17,000 (+3000).
Lambs - 14,000 (+2000).
Sheep - 3000 (+1000).

It was a similar sized yarding of lambs ahead of next week's public holiday. Quality remained reasonable for this time of year, with a lot of lambs still being sold off grain and pellets. Alongside the crossbred lambs was a reasonable number of Merinos of varying quality. The regular buying field attended, although one key northern exporter which had been dominating competition for extra heavy lambs didn't purchase this week and some other processors were quiet. Heavy lambs over 27kg cwt were quoted as $5 to $8 easier, while the nicely weighted domestic lambs were firm. Merino lambs sold at rates similar to a week ago.

Prices reached $306 for a pen of 24 extra heavy export lambs estimated at more than 40kg cwt. The next best price was $284/head. The bulk of the export lambs were in the 30 to 34kg category and sold from $240 to $265/head for a quote of 780c to 820c/kg cwt. There wasn't much dollar per head price change across the lead runs of medium and heavy domestic lambs sized from 21 to 27kg at $188 to $230/head. Agents advised a good run of 24kg cwt lambs was costing domestic processors around $210/head. The quote for well finished domestic lambs was 850c to 900c/kg cwt, with the lighter categories making the higher rates. Small lambs to MK or 'bag lamb' processing orders and feedlots made from $140 to $175, with a reasonable percentage of lambs under $160/head being plainer Merinos. The best heavy and trade weightMerino lambs off feed sold from $180 to a top of $242/head for a pen of Dohnes and trended over 800c/kg cwt.

Another limited yarding of sheep sold to dearer rates. Extra heavy Merino wethers estimated over 35kg cwt reached $260, and big woolly crossbred ewes sold to $264/head. Plainer sheep carrying less weight and condition sold from $160 to $220/head. Good lines of mutton were estimated as costing buyers from 680c to 730c/kg cwt