Farm Tender

Prices varied for Mutton and Lamb at Bendigo

Yarding - 15,900 (-13,100).
Lambs - 11,000 (-10,000).
Sheep - 4900 (-3100)

Lamb numbers nearly halved following widespread rain. Sheep numbers also declined to 4,900 head. There was some excellent drafts of heavy fed lambs alongside the usual mix of weights and grades. Demand did improve, but not dramatically considering the event of the rain event and cut to supply. Both major domestic buyers were back operating, however, export demand was still dull with an essential northern processor only watching and other companies not operating fully. The neatest medium and heavy domestic lambs were $5 to $12/kg dearer, while there was little price change over the heaviest export lambs or plainer lambs of various weights. Domestic buyers did show a preference for shorter-skinned lambs.

Heavy export lambs over 30kg cwt from $229 to a top of $265 to average 770c/kg cwt. Price gains were most evident over the best pens of 24 to 26kg and 22 to 24kg cwt lambs with recorded averages between 800c to 820c/kg, with select sales to an estimated 860c/kg. Buyers however were selective and there was still a lot of plainer lambs, either in drier-wool skins or lacking shape and fat cover, which still tracked between 750c to 800c/kg cwt. No fresh store orders, with just the couple of local agents picking through the yarding for bigger framed types to feed on.

Mutton prices also varied. The biggest crossbred ewes over 30kg cwt selling from $198 to $245/head to average $10 less on a lot of weight. Nicer weighted mutton was $15 to $25/head dearer, the best lines of Merino wethers peaking around 700c/kg cwt and good runs of sheep costing processors an estimated 650c to 670c/kg. Rams were notably dearer with an extra processor competing on these. 



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