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Prices for Lambs lifted on the back of weaker supply at Wagga Wagga

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Yarding - 32,900 (-22,100)

Lambs - 25,900 (-16,100)

Sheep - 7000 (-6000)


Numbers decreased after last week’s cheaper market. Well finished Extra heavy lambs made a major part of the offering and quality was very good with all grain assisted or off lucerne stands. Trade lambs were in good numbers with quality mixed. A bigger group of domestic and export buyers were at the rail and all were operating creating a little more intensity over trade and heavy categories.

Results were slightly stronger for trade lambs, with all buyers making purchases. Prices generally lifted $2 to $4/head. Lambs 21 to 24kg sold from $176 to $215/head to average 852c/kg cwt. There was a mixed selection of young lambs suitable for restockers and lot feeders. Feedlot buyers paid to a top price of $222/head while restocker types sold from $138 to $178/head.

Extra heavy young lambs over 30kg carcass weight were well supplied and attracted strong competition. Prices strengthened $12 to record a top price of $320/head. Lambs 26 to 30kg gained $8 to average 799c/kg cwt.

It was a very mixed quality yarding of mutton that was offered to a slightly bigger group of buyers. Heavy ewe mutton sold to stronger demand averaging 496c to 535c/kg cwt. Trade sheep were well supplied and buying competition was strong. Trade sheep averaged 566c to 584c/kg. Ewes returning to the paddock sold from $121 to $155/head.