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Prices fall $10-$20 over most weights and grades at Bendigo

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Yarding - 25,000 (-6000)
Lambs - 15,000 (-6000)
Sheep - 10,000 (0)

Smaller yarding of lambs at 15,000, down 6,000 on a week ago. Quality was plainer with very few heavy young lambs over 24kg cwt available, and the majority of the trade types not handling that well despite coming in from southern grazing areas. Processor demand was weaker, with a couple of companies not attending and several other buyers mostly watching the market. The result was price falls of $10 to $20/head over most weights and grades of processing lambs. A reasonable percentage of the yarding did sell to restockers, with buyers from Ballarat, Bendigo, Echuca, Horsham and Euroa operating. Light store lambs held their value the best.

The heaviest young lambs, estimated at 27kg to 30kg cwt, sold from $240 to a top of $270/head. The best presented heavy trade pens, 24kg to 26kg, from $212 to $228/head. There was big volumes of lambs sized from 18kg to 24kg and these generally made from $160 to $200/head depending on finish and breed quality. In carcass price terms there was a clear divide between the fresher young lambs at 800c to 850c, compared to the plainer drier types which were working out at 760c to 800c/kg cwt. Restockers were more active, with Ballarat restockers continuing to compete against meat buyers for trade lambs to shear at $190 to $218/head. The better framed store lambs in the
18kg to 20kg range $152 to $178 to average $166/head to the paddock. These bigger store lambs were costing similar carcass money to finished stock. In comparison light store lambs under 16kg sold exceptionally well at $130 to $160 to be estimated at a much higher carcass price point.

Similar sheep numbers, comprising mostly Merino ewes with only a few lines of older wethers available. The market lacked buying depth with some companies not attending and other buyers only interested at lower price levels. The market fell $10 to $25/head, the sale losing momentum late in the auction and with small pen lots severely penalised at times. Most mutton was estimated in a range of 500c to 580c, but there was sales recorded below 500c/kg cwt. In dollars per head terms heavy sheep $140 to a top of $226/head for Merino ewes in high value skins. Light sheep $90 to $130/head.