Farm Tender

Prices dearer across all grades at Bendigo

Yarding - 19,500 (-3500).
Lambs - 14,000 (-3000).
Sheep - 5500 (-500)
Reduced supply of 14,000 lambs, 3,000 less than a week ago despite no sale next Monday due to a public holiday. Quality remained very mixed, with well finished heavy and trade lambs in limited supply compared to the plainer bred and drier types scattered throughout the yarding. A major exporter rejoined the buying ranks after sitting out for a few weeks, however a key domestic order remained absent. Prices were firm to $3 to $8/head dearer, with the neatest domestic lambs showing the most improvement. Very few decent lines of light lambs were available to suit restockers or MK processing orders.
Export lambs sold to $280 for an estimated 35kg. Most of the supersized lambs over 30kg remained in a dollar per head range of $250 to $275, starting at 760c to average an estimated 800c/kg cwt. Best heavy trade lambs, 24 to 26kg made from $206 to $219 at an estimated830c, while the neatest trades in the 22 to 24kg bracket sold from $191 to $211/head to lift to an average of 850c/kg cwt. Plainer lambs showing less style and carcase finish sold from $175 to $190 for a carcase price spread of 790c to 830c/kg cwt across most. Merino lambs sold strongly from $204 to $219/head for heavy trade bodies, and depending on skin value, often made similar carcase money to crossbred lambs. There was a lot of smaller and mixed pen lots in the lighter lambs that sold to the paddock and MK processing orders, making from $135 to $165/head for most.
Another yarding of 5,000 sheep which included a mix of weights and grades, although pens of big weighted crossbred and Merino ewes were limited. Prices were firm to dearer, with occasional spates between two export buyers still evident and creating spikes to $260/head for crossbred ewes. Better quality Merino mutton mostly was making from $170 to $220/head at an estimated 670c/kg. Showing the biggest price gains were leaner trade weight sheep.


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