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Numbers way back at Bendigo

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Yarding - 15,500 (-11,500)
Lambs - 11,000 (-9000)
Sheep - 4500 (-2500)

Big cut to numbers following extensive rain, with just 11,000 lambs and 4500 sheep. Young lamb quality was still reasonable, although the yarding didn't have the weight or polish of recent markets. Covid19 is in the news again, and three Victorian processing companies were affected and didn't operate. The market opened softly but gained momentum to close on a high with pens of trade weight lambs estimated at 1000c/kg cwt again late in the auction. The overall price trend was firm to cheaper over the heavy classes of young lambs compared to a week ago, while medium, light and store lambs were dearer. Some young lambs to the paddock lifted by up $20/head. Most weights and grades of young lambs still recorded solid price averages of between 930c to 970c/kg cwt.

A few pens of heavy export young lambs sold from $290 to a top of $310, while old lambs with weight topped at $340/head. Most of the lead pens of young lambs sold in a range of $240 to $280/head. The average for the main run of fat score 3 and 4 crossbred lambs in the 24kg to 26kg cwt category was $250, while the 22kg to 24kg pens averaged $239/head. Ballarat restockers increased their spend to a top of $237 for trade lambs to shear, while the more genuine sized store lambs lifted in value to between $170 to $193/head. Very small young lambs $130 to $155/head.

Heavy mutton was dearer, with big crossbred ewes from $230 to $270 on limited numbers and Merinos from $200 to $230/head. The general run of trade and light sheep, however, showed a softer trend compared to last week at an estimated 600c to 650c/kg cwt