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Numbers down as Bendigo holds its first market since Easter

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Yarding - 12,450

Numbers remained low despite Bendigo not hosting a sale since before Easter. Lamb quality was mixed with well finished fat score 3 and 4 lambs in the minority across the yarding which had a lot of plainer types lacking fat cover. The market did perform around quality with buyers prepared to pay more for any of the better finished trade and heavy lambs. Support for secondary lambs that lacked either shape or condition remained selective and the sale was very erratic at times. The best processing lambs were $10 to $15 dearer. Price results for plainer lambs remained similar to the previous sale.

Two stand-out lines of extra heavy crossbred lambs off grain, topped at $278 and $260 but on weight were working out at 700c to 710c/kg cwt. Sales above $250/head were limited and there wasn't a lot of big export lambs on offer. The general run of heavy 26-32kg cwt crossbred lambs made from $200 to $235/head. The pick of the heavy trade lambs 24-26kg cwt making $200 to $209. Most of these better quality processing lambs were estimated between 750c to 800c/kg cwt. Plainer domestic weighted lambs with less finish had lower carcass price costs of 700c to 750c/kg at $130 to $180/head. It should also be noted there were lamb sales down to 660c/kg cwt however this was mainly for mixed or small pen lots.

The sheep sale was stronger with good lines of mutton estimated at 570c to 620c/kg cwt.