Farm Tender

New Lamb prices retreated $5 to $9 at Wagga Wagga

Yarding - 48,000 (+4000)

Lambs - 34,000 (0)

Sheep - 14000 (+4000)


Lamb numbers decreased marginally while sheep supplies increased. Quality across new season heavy exports was fair to very good with the offering of 24,000 young lambs again lacking weight over 26kg carcass weight. New season trade lambs were well supplied but quality was mixed with plenty of lambs requiring more finish. Store lambs were well supplied presenting buyers all types. Old extra heavy lamb were few and old trade lambs were in short supply. Not all buyers attended or operated to capacity.

Not all domestic buyers participated in the sale causing new season lamb prices to retreat $5 to $9/head. Lambs 22kg to 24kg sold from $190 to $249/head to average 916c to 935c/kg cwt. Extra Heavy young lambs met patchy demand selling from $261 to $315/head to average 927c/kg cwt. There was a mixed selection of young lambs suitable for restockers and feedlots. Lambs with weight and frame sold from $178 to $220/head.

Old trade lamb quality was limited and averaged 874c/kg cwt. Heavy export lambs were few averaging 879c/kg cwt.

It was a mixed quality yarding of mutton that was offered to a small group of buyers. Heavy crossbred ewes sold to erratic competition, with very few buyers operating. Heavy ewe mutton averaged 560c to 581c/kg cwt. Trade sheep were in reasonable supply and prices were $13 to $31/head cheaper averaging 565c/kg cwt. Restockers stepped into the market for younger ewes with prices ranging from $140 to $228/head. Wethers returning to the paddock recorded a top price of $159/head.