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New heat rules saw numbers well back at Bendigo

Yarding - 10,500 (-16,500).
Lambs - 8700 (-11,300).
Sheep - 1800 (-5200)

Just 8700 lambs and 1800 sheep as new heat rules were tried, with numbers capped and the sale starting early. The market was finished by 10am. A good run of heavy lambs showing plenty of weight, but again very limited supplies of nicely finished domestic types. The market fluctuated like last week, and demand was difficult to read due to the Australia Day public holiday and the hot conditions. Some regular buyers didn't attend, and other processors were quieter than normal. Price trends averaged $5 cheaper on heavy lambs weighing above 28kg cwt, with some individual pens down $20/head or more compared to last Monday. Trade weight lambs in the 20 to 24kg cwt range were $5 to $10 dearer, and on plain quality at times.

Prices reached $273 for big export lambs around 38kg cwt, and only three pens made above $265/head. Most lambs over 30kg cwt from $236to $255, stretching from 710c to 780c for an estimated average of 750c/kg cwt. The market then trended over 800c/kg for the more nicely weighted lambs under 28kg cwt. Any fresh trade weight lambs $185 to $215/head for a spread of 820c to nearly 900c/kg cwt, with a mixed run of these lambs estimated as costing processors from 830c to 850c/kg. Decent light lambs $130 to $165/head, with only a few local restocking orders active.

The tone for sheep was cheaper on a limited yarding. Heavy crossbred ewes made from $170 to $210/head, while better framed and presented Merino ewes made from $164 to $195, plain and light sheep $90 to $130/head. Good runs of mutton were estimated at 530c to 580c/kg cwt.


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