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Mutton Market stronger at Ballarat

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
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  • Aug 18, 2020
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Yarding - 13,431 (+8978).
Lambs - 7127 (+4151).
Sheep - 6304 (+4827)

Lamb numbers increased to 7,127 yarded, the quality was mostly plain to good, not a lot of weight offered this week. Not all the usual buying group attended, resulting in the demand lowering and the market firm to $8/head softer. Heavy lambs sold to $185/head.

Light lambs sold from, $93 to $107, easing by $7/head. Lambs back to the paddock sold from, $65 to $130, firm to $4/head softer. Trade lambs 18 to 22kg sold from, $114 to $145, firm to $6/head softer. Lambs 22 to 24kg sold from, $145 to $157, easing to $8/head. Lambs 24to 26kg sold from, $146 to $166, holding mostly firm to $5/head softer, most lambs from 554c to 676c/kg cwt. Export score 4 lambs 26 to30kg sold from, $158 to $170 and extra heavy export lambs over 30kg sold from, $172 to $185, easing to $10/head. Very good quality lines of Merino lambs over 16kg sold from $106 to $148 and Merino Lambs back to the paddock sold from, $78 to $114/head.

Sheep also increased the yarding to 6,304 with a very good quality yarding of Merino mutton, with the market holding firm to $10/head dearer in places. Merino ewes over 18kg sold from, $96 to $165, heavy crossbred ewes sold from, $152 to $184/head. Merino wethers sold from, $95 to $173/head. With Merino mutton reaching 581c/kg cwt in places. Rams sold to $70 for Merino’s and $50/head for crossbred’s