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Merino mutton up to 20/head dearer at Ballarat

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
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  • May 13, 2020
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Yarding - 26,166 (-2034).
Lambs - 23,805 (-805).
Sheep - 2,361 (-2839).

23,805 lambs were yarded where the quality was plain to excellent with most of the heavy export lambs coming out of feedlots and seeing the start of the southern spring drop lambs hitting the market. All the usual buying group were in attendance but not all operating fully.

Agents reported, light lambs back to the paddock and MK orders sold firm. Light trade weights, 18 to 20kg cwt, sold firm to $5/head cheaper. Trade lambs, 20 to 24kg cwt, sold firm to $5/head cheaper making from $185 to $215/head. Heavy trade lambs, 24 to 26kg cwt, sold firm to $10/head cheaper. Heavy lambs, 26 to 30kg cwt, sold to $10 cheaper and over 30kg cwt sold to $10 cheaper, to top at $290/head. Most of the Merino lambs sold from $127 to $192, with one pen of Merino lambs selling to $259/head.

Agents drew for 6,000 sheep but only 2,361 were yarded. The quality was plain to good, all the usual buying group attended and agents reported a firm to dearer market this week. Medium and light weight mutton sold firm with the very heavy crossbred and Merino mutton sold up to $20/head dearer on last week's levels in places. Crossbred ewes sold from $59 to $260 and wethers made from $170 to $250/head.Merino ewes sold from $45 to $226 and wethers sold from $100 to $268/head.