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Lowest numbers at Ballarat for a long time but prices picked up in places

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
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  • Jul 28, 2020
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Yarding - 5,700 (-6143).
Lambs - 3900 (-7140).
Sheep - 1800 (+997).

Numbers were at the lowest for a very long time at Ballarat today, agents drew for 3,900 lambs. The quality was plain to good, with quite a few clean up pens and not a lot of weight on offered. Not all the usual buying group attended, the market was much stronger this week to see prices increase $10 to $20/head in places. Heavy lambs sold to $193, with the majority of the lambs selling from $160 to $188/head for the sort after trade weights.

The lambs back to paddock sold from $99 to $158/head. Light lambs sold from $84 to $138/head. Trade lambs, 18kg to 22kg, sold from $148to $176/head. Lambs, 22kg to 24kg, sold from $174 to $180/head, ranging from 727c to 791c to average around 765c/kg cwt. 4 score lambs,24kg to 26kg, sold from $175 to $185/head, to average around 720c/kg cwt. Heavy 26kg to 30kg lambs sold from $182 to $193/head.1,800 sheep, the quality was good, the market was mostly firm to dearer in places. Good quality runs of Merino weathers were offered.

Merino ewes sold from $107 to $170, $10/head dearer in places, to average 625c/kg cwt. Crossbred ewes sold from $96 to $191, $4/headdearer to average around 565c/kg cwt. Merino wethers sold from $110 to $177/head to average 615c/kg cwt. Rams sold to $68/head