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Lancefield Invitation, FB Fenech and Roma Bull sale results

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Lancefield Brahmans Invitation Sale - 102/102 bulls sold to $100,000 twice (Lot 7. Elrose Exception 19519 to Hazelton Brahmans & Lot 78. 2AM Everett 7420 (pic) to Elrose Brahmans, Theodore QLD) & av. $18,117.
Lot 12. Palmal Drayton 9535 sold for $80,000 to Chatfield Brahmans, Richmond QLD.
Lot 34. Lancefield S Bryson sold for $47,500 to Hillgrove Pastoral Co, Charters Towers QLD & Lot 38. Lancefield S Orlando sold for $47,500.
Lot 88. Lancefield M Fleetwood sold for $80,000 to Glencoe Station, Charters Towers QLD.

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PB Fenech Grey Brahmans Bull & Female Sale, QLD - 56/56 bulls sold to $85,000 (Lot 6. PBF Spitz Manso 899/20 to HH Park Brahman Stud) & av. $15,214 and 11/11 heifers sold to $22,000 (Lot 74. PBF Dawn Manso148/21 to Glengarry Brahmans) & av. $8818.
Lot 2. PBF Hayes Manso 888/20 (pic) was knocked down for $55,000 to Locklani Brahmans, Glenwood QLD

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Roma Droughtmasters Bull Sale - 91/104 bulls sold to $32,000 (Lot 3. Dalmally Jeremy to Calco Droughtmasters) & av. $9604.

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