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Lambs up and down but Sheep prices rise at Wagga Wagga

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Yarding - 28,000


Lamb numbers were similar after the two-week break. Quality across light and trade weight categories was very mixed causing competition to fluctuate. Extra heavy lambs were well supplied with a large portion grain assisted. Most all buyers made it to the market however there was minimal restocking demand. Generally well finished lambs held their value despite the interruption caused by the Easter holiday break.

Both major domestic processors were the market drivers on the neat well finished lambs which help create a floor in prices. Lambs 21 to 24kg sold $1 to $3 dearer making from $174 to $204/head to average 804c/kg cwt. Lambs 24 to 26kg slipped back $5 on account of the plainer types presented. Merino lambs sold to fluctuating demand selling at $146 to $208/head.

Extra heavy lambs over 30kg carcass weight were well supplied and competition was extremely solid with most companies operating. Big heavy lambs 30kg carcass weight plus were unchanged averaging 734c/kg cwt. Lambs 26 to 30kg averaged 771c/kg cwt to holding firm.

It was a very mixed quality yarding of mutton that was offered to a slightly bigger field of buyers. Heavy ewe mutton sold to stronger demand due to rain in the north lifting $11/head to average 583c to 625c/kg cwt. Trade sheep were well supplied and buying competition improved on the previous sale. Trade sheep averaged 593c/kg.