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Lambs to $315 at Bendigo

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Yarding - 15,500 (-3000)
Lambs - 11,000 (-3000)
Sheep - 4500 (0)

Fewer lambs yarded at Bendigo this week, with a total penning of 11,000 head. Not as many big export lambs were penned and the line-up of trade weight stock was again varied for quality and fat cover, with the lead runs mostly coming out of feedlots. All the regular buyers attended but some only watched or purchased little as the market for good processing lambs lifted another $5 to $15/head. Heavierprocessing lambs over 24kg cwt recorded the best price gains. As a result this centre hasn't seen for some months, heavy export lambs sold above $300/head on two occasions. However, bidding on plain and lightweight lambs under 20kg cwt was erratic and cheaper than a week ago with only a couple of MK processing orders operating and little restocking interest. Buyer interest was also subdued for a line of new season young lambs which lacked some maturity and carcase finish.

Heavy export lambs sold to $315, while most of the 30kg plus cwt lambs made from $270 to $285/head to average 860c/kg cwt. The majority of the fat score 3 and 4 heavy and trade lambs in neat skins sold from $200 to $265/head, averaging from 900c to 960c, with limited pens reaching 1000c/kg cwt across the sale. Buyers were still selective on plainer lambs or those in small clean-up lots of a few head. The selection of Merino lambs was generally plain with many pens lacking finish. Light lambs under 18kg cwt varied from $114 to $167/head.

Competition for sheep remained keen. Prices were similar to a week ago for heavier grades of mutton, while trade and light sheep showed a dearer trend. Most sheep averaged from 640c to 730c/kg cwt. Big heavy crossbred ewes made from $200 to $255, while Merino ewes sold to$256 and Merino wethers to $200/head.

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