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Lambs slightly dearer in a reduced yarding at Bendigo

Yarding - 17,000 (-4500).
Lambs - 12,000 (-4000).
Sheep - 5000 (-500)
Another decline in supply with lamb numbers dropping back to 12,000 head. Heavy lambs dominated with the majority of the better presented slaughter lambs estimated above 27kg cwt. Competition from processors did improve, particularly across the nicer sized domestic lambs which were in short supply. The market was quoted as firm to dearer by selling agents and buyers.
The heaviest export lambs sold to $280, with the bulk of the 30kg plus lambs selling from $240 to $270/head. This category was rated as firm to just a few dollars dearer than last week. Demand intensified across the better finished trade weight lambs, which made from $200 to $235/head for the lead runs, at an estimated 840c to 880c for most, although a number of pens did push above 900c/kg cwt. Lighter and plainer lambs sold mostly from $150 to $175/head.
A similar sized yarding of 5,000 sheep. Prices continued to fluctuate as one export company was in and out of the auction, sometimes clashing with another buyer. This created a big price spread for mutton, with estimated rates stretching from 550c to 750c/kg cwt plus depending on what company could purchase. Heavy Merino ewes in wool sold to $281, while big crossbreds reached $260/head. The general run of sheep mostly made from $140 to $220/head.


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