Farm Tender

Lambs off $10-$15 at Bendigo

Yarding - 29,000 (+9500).
Lambs - 21,000 (+7000).
Sheep - 8000 (+2500)

Increased supply, with lamb numbers lifting to 21,000 head, or 7,000 more. Quality remained mixed, comprising very good lambs off grain and lucerne through to plainer grass types lacking finish. More Merino lambs were penned. Demand was patchy, with one major domestic processor still absent and many other buyers operating at reduced levels. Bidding from a few buyers did improve late in the auction. Prices were mostly $10 to $15/head cheaper, noting the sale is being compared to a fortnight ago as there was no market at Bendigo last Monday due to the public holiday.

The heaviest export lambs over 30kg cwt sold from $240 to a top of $270/head, starting at 730c/kg early in the auction before gaining momentum to average an estimated 780c/kg cwt. The interesting trend from the sale was that the bulk of the lambs, regardless of weight, tracked in a range of 730c to 800c/kg. The main run of heavy 26 to 30kg crossbred lambs, $210 to $248/head, an estimated 785c/kg. The best of the 22 to 24kg crossbred trade lambs $179 to $193/head at 780c/kg, plainer first-cross types in this section recorded at 750c/kg. The Merino section contained more plainer MK types, with the few pens of fed Merinos from $170 to a top of $228/head to range from 700c to 750c/kg on skin values of $10 to $20. A processor paid to $176 for lambs to lotfeed, with most better framed lambs to the paddock from$150 to $165/head.

A bigger and better yarding of sheep, with more lines of good quality Merino ewes and wethers available. Not all buyers followed on from the lamb market, and the sale was dominated by a handful of processors. The price trend was easier, although there was still some very good outcomes, particularly for heavy sheep when two exporters clashed. A line of outstanding shorn Merino wethers made $260, while big crossbred ewes sold to $265/head. The bulk of the sheep with reasonable frame and weight from $160 to $220/head. Quality runs of mutton were estimated as costing processors from 630c to 680c/kg cwt.



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