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Lambs continue to ease but Sheep dearer at Bendigo

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
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  • Aug 17, 2020
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Yarding - 120,000 (+9000).
Lambs - 15,000 (+6500).
Sheep - 4500 (-2500).

Another increase in supply as new season lambs start be sold in greater numbers. The yarding comprised 8,250 young lambs, 4,250 old season lambs and 3,000 Merinos, with some very good quality available in all categories. Demand was flat, with a couple of exporters missing and others quiet while domestic buyers were also subdued. The market continued to ease, most sales another $5 to $18/head below the levels of a week ago. In contrast, the sheep sale was firm to dearer in places, and agents did note that any well presented trade and heavy Merino ewes and wethers were making as much in carcase price terms as old slaughter lambs.

The bulk of the young lambs presented between 22 and 28kg cwt as the good season shows up in weight and condition. One extra heavy pen estimated around 30kg cwt topped at $180 with the next best price $165/head. However a blanket price range from, $140 to $160/head, covered most young lambs regardless of weight. It meant there was little price difference between the 22 to 24kg lambs at $150 to the heavier from 24 to 26kg cwt run at $151/head. In carcase terms heavy young lambs started as low as 540c, with the bulk of sales varying from 580c to 650c/kg cwt. Still little outside restocking interest, with a local agent just buying a few pens.

There was some super heavy weight old lambs which led to a top of $200/head for a pen estimated at 42kg cwt, which works out at less than500c/kg cwt. Most big lambs over 30kg sold from, $160 to $180/head, to just hold a 500c/kg carcase average. The general run of trade and heavy trade old lambs from $130 to $160/head, varying from 500c to 580c/kg cwt. Grain assisted Merino lambs sold well in comparison from,$135 to $169/head, and were estimated in a similar c/kg price range to crossbreds. Plain and light lambs $87 to $120/head.

More sheep are appearing as ewes are sold post lamb weaning and shearing. A lot of weight and condition is coming through. Despite a reduced field of mutton buyers, prices were similar to dearer in places. Big crossbred ewes made from, $155 to $187/head, to be tracking from 430c to 460c/kg cwt. The neatest lines of trade and heavy Merinos from, $133 to $180/head to average around 540c/kg cwt