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Lambs $10-$20 dearer at Ballarat

Yarding - 32,700 (-36,146).
Lambs - 26,600 (-30,246).
Sheep - 6100 (-5900)
Lamb numbers eased with 26,600, yarded for the first sale of 2021. Quality ranged from plain to very good, with several pens of excellent heavy shorn lambs yarded, selling strongly. Most of the regular buying group attended and operated in a solid market, with lambs selling generally from $10 to $20/head dearer, when compared to the last sale of 2020. More shorn young lambs were yarded this week, with unshorn lambs lacking finish in places. The sheep penning of 6,100 head was also down on the last sale. Quality was mixed and lacking weight over the lead runs. Not all the regular buyers operated in a market that ranged from around firm to $15/head easier in places.
Light weight lambs sold from $140 to $171/head and averaged 910c/kg cwt. Light trade 2 and 3 score lambs 18 to 22 kg, sold from $164 to$212/head and averaged 910c/kg cwt. Medium trade weight lambs 22 to 24kg, sold from $199 to $238/head or from 850c to 990c, to average 910c/kg cwt. Heavy 3 and 4 score trade weight lambs sold from $216 to $241/head to average 905c/kg cwt. Export weights sold from $232 to $250, with the few extra heavy weights selling to $265/head. Light and medium trade weight, shorn lambs sold from $165 to $225/head to average 920c/kg cwt. The heavy and extra heavy weights sold from $215 to $270/head.
Light weight 2 score sheep sold from $67 to $109/head and averaged 530c/kg cwt. Medium weight 2 and 3 score sheep sold from $82 to $163/head and or from 430c to 680c, with the Merino mutton averaging 610c/kg cwt. Heavy Merino ewes sold from $149 to $174, heavyMerino wethers sold to $172/head, the heavy Merino sheep averaged 620c/kg cwt. Heavy crossbred ewes sold from $172 to $222/head and averaged 540c/kg cwt. Rams sold from $10 to $110/head


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