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Lamb prices lifted on significantly lower numbers at Wagga Wagga

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  • Jul 09, 2020
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Yarding - 17,300 (-10,400).
Lambs - 13,800 (-10,200).
Sheep - 3500 (-200).

Lamb numbers were significantly lower after last week's severe price correction across all classes. Quality was very good over trade and heavy lamb categories, with most lamb’s grain assisted or finished on crop. Heavy and extra heavy lambs were in good numbers considering the reduced offering. The usual winter buying group attended but not all operated or operated to their usual buying levels.

The trade lamb market steadied due to a shortage of supply, which led to a price recovery overall for trade weight categories. Major domestic buyers pushed prices on the neater well shaped trade types. Lambs, 21 to 24kg, sold $9 to $10 dearer selling from $172 to $196/head, with the bulk averaging 781c/kg cwt. Merino trade lambs sold to the usual group of buyers and all categories sold to stronger competition to average 669c/kg cwt. New season trade lambs were limited, making from $162 to $194/head.

The usual export buyers at the rail and drove some life back into the market due to the reduced numbers. Competition improved over all weight categories. Lambs, 26 to 30kg, sold $8 dearer making from $184 to $218/head to average 689c/kg cwt. Lambs weighing over 30kg gained $11 selling at $195 to $233/head averaging 616c/kg cwt.

It was a mixed quality yarding of mutton with heavy sheep well supplied. Heavy ewes sold to fluctuating price trends to average 544c to 582c/kg cwt. Trade sheep were limited making from 585c to 618c/kg cwt.