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Lamb prices all over the shop at Bendigo

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
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  • May 18, 2020
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Yarding - 18,500 (+2100).
Lambs - 13,600 (-1400).
Sheep - 4900 (+3500).

Slightly fewer lambs with 13,600 penned, however, sheep numbers increased to 4,900 off the back of very low supplies a week ago. All the usual buyers were present, but not all purchased or were fully active in a market that was rather dull at times. Agents advised that export competition for extra-heavy lambs over 30kg cwt remained limited and were just firm to $5/head cheaper. The main runs of good tradeweight and lighter crossbred lambs sold at similar levels to last Monday, while Merino lambs were cheaper.

A pen of extra-heavy lambs estimated above 40kg cwt topped the yarding at $300/head. Most of the heavy export lambs made from $230 to $272/head, and on weight sold at easier carcase averages of 730c to 750c/kg cwt. The lead pens of heavy trade weight lambs, suiting domestic and export orders, made from $200 to $225/head; medium trade lambs sold from $180 to $210 and better lines of light weight lambs to MK processing orders made from $140 to $165/head. Heavy Merino lambs off grain and estimated over 30kg, sold to $215 to also be cheaper than recent sales on a carcase basis. There continued to be a big carcase price spread in the sale that stretched from 650c for the heaviest Merinos through to nearly 900c/kg cwt for select pens of fresh crossbred lambs around 20 to 22kg cwt. Agents estimated the bulk of the crossbred lambs under 28kg cwt in a range of 780c to 850c/kg cwt. The better finished trade weight Merinos made from 720c to 780c/kg cwt.

More sheep including some bigger lines of Merino wethers. Prices were quoted as cheaper, with the export company connected to the Covid-19 cluster in Victoria not operating. Heavy sheep sold to $220/head.