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Lamb price push higher at Bendigo

Yarding - 43,000 (+14,000).
Lambs - 36,000 (+15,000)
Sheep - 7000 (-1000).

A big jump in supply, with rising price trends drawing out 36,000 lambs to easily be the largest yarding held so far this spring. A full field of meat buyers attended, with Bendigo the focus due to a public holiday in NSW cancelling regular Monday sales in that state. Prices for good processing lambs were $12 to $20/head dearer than a week ago as the market caught up to the dearer trends recorded across the industry late last week. Pushing trade buyers were restockers from Ballarat who paid to $218/head for young lambs to shear. Lamb quality was not as good or consistent as a week ago, with the offering including more plainer type lambs bred out of Merino ewes. It led to a wider carcase price spread from 750c to 860c over the bulk of the young lambs, with the neater lambs with better fat cover the pens to command 800c/kg plus.

Not many extra heavy young lambs despite the bigger offer. Export lambs over 28kg cwt sold from $236 to a top of $259/head. Underneath this was a lot of sales from $190 to $225 for good crossbred lambs sized from 23kg to 27kg cwt. Specialist finishers from Ballarat operated across these young lambs, regularly paying over $200/head. Medium trade weight lambs for processing made from $165 to $188/head. Small and lighter weight lambs to processing orders and to the paddock made mostly from $135 to $159/head.

Not all processors followed onto the sheep run. The market did fluctuate, with some bidding wars between a couple of exporters creating dearer trends for heavy mutton at times. The overall result was a firm to stronger trend across most classes of sheep. Big crossbred ewes made from $180 to $233; key lines of heavy Merino wethers sold from $185 to $234; most trade sheep made from $135 to $175/head.


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