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Koojan Hills, Melaleuca, Days and Sugarloaf Creek Bull sale resutls

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Koojan Hills Angus  & Melaleuca Murray Greys Bull Sale, WA - 72/72 Angus bulls sold to $20,000 (Lot 4. Koojan Hills Investment Q42) & av. $11,027 and 17/17 Murray Grey bulls sold to $10,250 (Lot 84. Melaleuca Quicksilver Q26) & av. $6641. Lot 31. Koojan Hills Investment Q242 (pic) sold for $18,500.

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Days Whiteface Bull Sale, SA - 46/47 bulls sold to $40,000 (Lot 34. Days Kingswood Q139 to Talbalba Herefords) & av. $10,978.

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Sugarloaf Creek Herefords  Bull Sale, VIC - 23/27 bulls sold to $26,000 twice (Lot 1. Sugarloaf Quality Q105 (pic) & Lot 12. Sugarloaf Quilpie Q142) & av. $12,174.

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