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Good price gains at Wagga Wagga

Yarding - 33,250 (-12,250).
Lambs - 27,300 (-7700).
Sheep - 5950 (-4550)
Lamb supplies declined and quality improved over trade and heavy lamb categories, with most lambs shorn and grain assisted. Heavy and extra heavy lamb numbers lifted a big percentage over 30kg carcase weight. Shorn trade lambs presented extremely well with the bulk in very short skins. A full field of buyers were in attendance however not all major export companies operated fully.
In the trade market a single major domestic processor dominated the market for lambs weighing 22 to 24kg, while other processors struggled to equal prices offered. The bulk of the trade lambs gained $10 to $26/head. Lambs 22 to 24kg sold from $200 to $230/head. Merino trade lambs sold to a small group of buyers and all categories sold to stronger competition to average from 765c to 795c/kg cwt. Young lambs returning to the paddock made from $128 to $174/head. There was a full field of export buyers in attendance however, one buyer didn’t operate. Heavy lambs lifted $14/head to average 881c/kg cwt. Extra heavy lambs were keenly sought improving by $13 to $14/head to average 743c/kg cwt over 30kg cwt. A single pen of lambs weighing 39kg recorded a top price of $284.20/head.

It was another mixed quality yarding of mutton with heavy sheep in reduced supply. Heavy ewes sold to strong demand lifting $11 to $18/head dearer to average 507c/kg cwt. Heavy wethers were in reasonable numbers averaging 607c/kg cwt. Trade sheep were limited averaging 607c/kg cwt.


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