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Good lines of heavy Mutton above $6/kg at Bendigo

Yarding - 35,000 (-6000).
Lambs - 25,000 (-9000)
Sheep - 10,000 (+3000).

Lamb supply reduced from the big numbers of the past fortnight, although there was still 25,000 head yarded. Quality remained very good,with first draft young lambs now appearing from southern supply areas like Mansfield. The regular buying group attended, but competition was weaker. Export demand was dull with not all processors active, and this took pressure off the main domestic orders. Store buying was also more limited, particularly for smaller and lighter weight lambs which mostly sold to processors. The result was a cheaper trend of $8 to $15/head across the yarding. There was also price fluctuations around quality, with the very neatest and well-presented young lambs receiving better support than plainer types of the same weight.

The heaviest export young lambs over 30kg cwt from $215 to a top of $234/head. The lead run of heavy trade weight lambs 24 to 26kg, sold from $178 to $197/head. After this the general run of young lambs varied from $140 to $170/head depending on size and quality. On a carcase basis there was consistent averages of 700c to 740c/kg cwt across processing lambs of all weights and grades. Although it should be noted the sale did have some patchy spots and there was young lambs down to 650c/kg cwt in places. Specialist finishers paid from $178 to$204/head for bigger lambs to shear. Store competition for small and light weight lambs was quieter this week.

Sheep numbers increased and again there was a lot of weight on offer. Not all processors competed but it had little impact with price results firm to dearer than a week ago. All the good lines of heavy mutton trended above 600c/kg cwt. Big crossbred ewes made from $180 to $238; heavy Merino wethers sold from $181 to $238; the lead pens of Merino ewes made from $179 to $236/head.


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