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Glendemar's top Ram Sale result

By Dwain Duxson

The strong Ram selling season continues on at Glendemar Multi Purpose Merinos.

Glendemar sold under a new COVID safe system where the Rams were penned outside the selling area, and rather than having the Rams run through a parade ring; they were videoed and displayed on a big screen individually. The new system was received well and will become a selling solution of choice in the future.

Customers who have been using Glendemar genetics are reporting weaning rates well above the industry average and have been rewarded with high lamb prices and strong surplus Ewes sales.

Glendemar has a heavy focus on ASBV’s, and many of their clients are happy to pick Rams on the back of the figures and trust that the structure and Wools are up to scratch.

This was spelt out with 42 lots selling through Auctionsplus. New client and volume buyer Chris Escott, Kaniva, Vic had never seen the Rams before but was advised by a long term Glendemar client that the Rams would take him to where he needed to go from a breeding point of view. Chris bought 10 rams at $2100 average.

Another volume buyer and long term client Deane and Henry Goode, Kingston, SA who bought 12 Rams at an average of $3125.

Dean Trotter, Mt Barker, WA, another long term Glendemar client secured the top prices Ram for $11,000. He also bought two more rams at $7,500 and $6,500.

Howard and Chris Frampton, Joel Joel, Vic who have been Glendemar clients since the 1970’s, once again took home large daft of 12 Rams at an average of $2250 average.

Malcom Peters, Cleve, SA bought 5 Ram at $3950 average.

Russell Pitcher, Skipton, Vic has been using the Glendemar genetics more than 20 years and bought 6 Rams at an average of $5000. Another Western District client Stacey Partners bought 7 Rams at a $4500 average.

Glendemar neighbours Marcia and Armond Duxson bought 9 Rams and David Lang secured 4.

Another long term Glendemar customer Martin Long, Wareek, Vic took home 5 Rams.

Joe Gilbertson, Parilla, SA returned as a Glendemar client after a long absence and took home 3 Rams.

Bradley and Roxane Wood, Kendenup, WA spent $28,000 on 6 Rams

Overall 133 Rams sold to $11,000 at an average of $2884 and a gross $383,572. The result came off the back of a sensational Ewe sale. 725 one year old Glendemar Ewes averaged $334 a head, grossed $242,150 and were sold to 2 customers who know the sheep well.



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