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Further weakening in demand at Bendigo

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
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  • Jun 29, 2020
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Yarding - 11,800 (-4700).
Lambs - 9,000 (-3000).
Sheep - 2800 (-1700).

A reduced yarding of 9,000 lambs, 3,000 less than last week. It was not enough to overcome a further weakening in demand from processors. Two major export companies didn't attend the sale, and the rest of the buying group were selective and operating at reduced levels. Lamb prices were $10 to $20/head cheaper, with the heaviest stock and secondary types in woolly skins the most affected. Overall lamb quality was a little plainer than recent weeks, but there was still a lot of weight on offer with the bulk of lambs above 24kg cwt.

The heaviest export lambs up around 38kg cwt sold to $266 twice, with most sales of crossbred lambs over 30kg from $220 to $250/head.Some pens of very heavy lambs did dip below 700c, with an average run estimated at costing exporters around 710c/kg cwt. The main run of26 to 30kg crossbred lambs sold from $186 to $225 to average $215, and the 24 to 26kg pens made from $181 to $215 to average$202/head. Within these prices was a carcass range that went from below 700c to over 800c for the neatest lambs in short skins, for an overall result of around 775c/kg cwt. Any well conditioned domestic lambs around 20 to 22kg cwt held their value the best at up to $188/head to still trend above 800c/kg cwt. Merino lambs were also cheaper with the heaviest making to $203 and most trade types selling from $140 to$175/head. The Merino quote was 680c to 740c/kg cwt depending on size.

Limited yarding of 2,800 sheep also sold to a cheaper trend of $10 to $20/head. Odd pens of very heavy sheep showed more of a discount due to the lack of an export order that usually handles this stock being absent. There was still some good lines of shorn Merino wethers available, and these were the feature at $160 to $200/head to cost an estimated 600c/kg. Crossbred ewes showing a lot of weight and condition sold to $225, with most heavy ewes making from $160 to $190/head. A mixed run of mutton was estimated between 520c to 580c/kg cwt