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I have had a good week selling Cows and Calves. A couple of lots didn't even make the site as I had a buyer ready to go.

A bloke sold some Crossbred Cows at Carcoar (NSW) yesterday for $4.40/kg, and he thinks they will be 800kg+ plus. That's around $3500 a head for cull slaughter Cows.

I had a good week buying 116 head of Cattle for one Feedlot customer. If you are after someone to commission buy Cattle, give me a call.

Apparently, the new season Sucker Lambs are outstanding this year and selling accordingly, with records been broken all the time. It might be the season, or Farmers are just getting better at finishing these young Lambs. It might be a combination of both. A pen of unshorn 5-month-old Lambs, that were finished on grain for the last 8 weeks, sold for $332 at Bendigo. They were estimated to have a carcass weight of 33kg. See the report here.

The strong Bull sale results continue. Don't forget to keep up with all the Bull and Ram sales on our Prime Ag News.

We are about to launch our Bull and Ram catalogues where studs will be able to list their surplus Animal individually. Let's say you had your Sale and have 70 Rams or 25 Bulls left to sell. We will devote a page where you can list them all individually with set prices. We will keep you up to date when that feature will become available, or give me a call if you are interested or want to know more.

Keep those listings coming as we are starting to get more buyers coming to the site for Livestock.

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