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The NSW COVID lockdowns put a scare through the supply chains with Processors and Feedlots trying to lock down supply with the insecurity on Saleyards still running.

Processor Fletcher International in Dubbo decided to close for a week.

The Saleyards have been the backup for shortfalls historically, more so for Australia's current herd rebuild

I personally think the fat job (Cattle) will still get stronger over the next few weeks before we see it start to back off.

On the stud Cattle job, we see record averages continue. I think these averages will be cheap compared to next year as people have to remember most of these Bulls being sold this year were born during the drought, weaned early, and their mothers sold off.

I think there will be a shortage of Bulls next year, and as we can see by the current stud prices, there is a massive demand for Bulls. After every sale, several Farmers are going home scratching their heads, wondering what move is next because they still haven't procured a Bull.

The Ram sales are kicking into gear, and on the small sample size so far, we see sale averages mirror the rise of the Bull Sales.

You can follow all the Bull and Ram sale results on our Prime Ag News page here.

I spoke to a fella in WA, and he said his Canola Crops are failing, so he was starting to chase store Lambs and Weaner Cattle hard to go onto those Crops. I think most of the Canola Crops are going along fine in WA. It was just in his isolated area where things were tight.

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