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It's interesting that JBS has just bought buys Australia's second-largest Salmon producer. They wouldn't be doing it if they didn't see a bright future in food or animal protein more so. Or they feel they are pigeonholed a little, being only in red meat. Other large red meat companies around the world are making large investments in other protein sources, many in plant protein.

Bull Sale records keep tumbling as Producers keep looking to secure genetics as the Herd rebuild keeps going. One family operation bought a large team of Angus Bulls to go over Brahman Cross Females purchased out of Northern Queensland. It was by far the highest average Bull price they have ever paid to breed quality future breeder Brangus Heifers.

Go to our Prime Ag News page, where you can get a snapshot of all the Bull and Ram Sale results. The Bull Sales are up substantially as far as averages are concerned.

With only a handful of Ram Sales so far, the results have been up slightly. Now last year, the results of the Ram Sales got stronger as the selling season went on. It looks like it might be the case this year also. Add to the fact that there will be next to no multi-vendor Sales this season. The on-property Sales will be the beneficiary of that.

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