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FT Livestock Exchange news with Jack Henshaw

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One thing that has captivated me is the Bull sales averages. Around $10k was the rough mark last year. This year it's more like 16k, 17k, and some are even getting to $20k. With many more Bull sales to come, my tip is we are going to see plenty of records tumble.

Same with the Ram sales, they are just kicking into gear in SA. Buyers will need to adjust their budgets if they want to get what they want. I'm tipping plenty of records to tumble and averages well above last year for the Sheep guys as well.

Those wintery type lighter Lambs are still making a very good quid. Time to quit them if you aren't going to finish them.

The Spring Lamb flush is going to be an interesting period this year. Processors are finding it tough to get the extra workers required to lift capacity.

An Agent tells me that South Australian Feedlots have been buying a lot of Cattle out of Western Queensland. This changes the dynamic of the Feedlot set up when you start introducing a different type of Cattle. SA Feedlots would be more used to the European type breeds.

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