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In a Livestock deal, I reckon there has to be a win/win scenario. By that, I mean both buyer and seller have to get something favourable out of it.


Our FTLE model is more of a Farmer direct model, and a lot of the time, the Farmers are doing the pricing. With all due respect, that can be a little dangerous. Livestock is like used Machinery, priced right, it/they will sell.

So my challenge here is to make sure we have prices that reflect current market value. I think that is one of the agents greatest strengths, valuing Livestock


An old fella once told me, when setting prices, there has to be something in it for everyone. If someone is too greedy and winning, someone is losing, and that's unhealthy for a market.


With the high price of Cattle, processors margins are tightened. I read this article with interest. I heard that offal is at an all-time high. As well as hides and fetal blood is pretty good also. Not long ago, fetal blood was $380 a litre, and you get 1 to 1.5 litres out of a Cow that's 7 months in calf. In 2014 fetal blood was at a high of $600 a litre. I wonder if these things are taken into consideration in the article.


Talking to a meat exporter the other day, he said, meatworks would still be making a profit domestically. Boxed Beef prices have hardly moved, which shows that there still is a profit. It might only be a small profit, but when you're killing large numbers, it adds up.


On the Sheep front, those little wintery type Lambs that are going to take longer to finish are making exceptional money in the market right now.


We have a Farmer customer looking for large numbers of 25kg-40kg Lambs. See the listing here.


Each week we are getting better listings, which allows us to offer better lots. That's what we are trying to achieve here. We get massive numbers of views each day, and that keeps growing.


We would love the opportunity to offer up your Livestock, give me a call anytime on the number above.

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